Using Twitter Polls to Conduct Market Research.

News 07:12 December 2023:

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Before setting up a business in a new region, it is necessary to carry out a market research to determine if it will be a success or a flop. It is better to identify challenges you likely to encounter early to be able to put mechanisms to counter the same. In the era of technological advancement and the rise of social media, the effective way to carry out a market research is using Twitter polls. To gain valuable insights regarding the consumer habits, you should tailor the poll question that will bring out their true self.

From the polls, it is easy to point out what the people are missing, why they despise the current product available to them, what consumers are looking for in the service or product you want to introduce and their preference if any. Such insights from Twitter polls help you test the water and ensure whatever you are introducing will make sense. Always start with a no or yes question to get the general assessment and move to detailed polls to get deeper insights. This is where the four based answer poll is vital now.f1

How to effectively use Twitter Polls to Organize an Event

Would you want to engage your audience in your event’s organizing process? It would save you a lot of time, you know. Again, what is more democratic than letting the people you plan to invite at your event decide the time, the place and the theme of your event? Unless it is your wedding where you have to make most decisions, most events related decisions don’t have to be manager-only prerogative. And that’s where twitter polls come in.

If you love twitter, you definitely have seen or heard about their poll feature. It is simple, fast, and a quick way to get your twitter followers votes on something important to you or to them. With many business events, meetings or forums for instance, using the twitter polls feature to answer some important considerations such as the place, time or to eliminate arguments can be quite useful. Take a look at the following examples.f2

Choosing the Venue for your Forum

Choosing a venue for a forum or for a meeting can be challenging for many organizers, especially where the meeting has to be held at a neutral place. In such a case, not considering some of your guests’ opinionscould make them fail to turn up. In the end,this would beanother failed meeting. However, by simple asking the important guests to follow you on twitter and participate in a poll for choosing the ideal venue; you make them trust as you as an organizer. You also eliminate any bad will that would have resulted in you choosing a venue not ideal to every invited guest.

Choosing date and Time for the Event

Are you having problems choosing the ideal date and time for holding your business forums?  Are your committee members at loggerheads over when is the appropriate time to meet-up? Simply try twitter polls. Inform every important person in your planned event to be online when the launch the poll, and in less than one day; you will already have decided on the date and time to meet-up. And the good thing is that twitter polls never reveal the identities of those who voted; and as such the voting process will appear to be free and fair.

Choosing discussion points

If you plan to hold groups during the meeting or you would simply love to see people spreading the event’s discussion on social media; go ahead and ask your guests where and how they would like to discuss. You may as well wait and create discussion points at the event; but being prepared early enough could always save you important time during your event day. On the other hand, asking people to vote about the various topics to be discussed in the forum helps you plan ahead and eliminate topics that don’t seem important to your guests.

Finally, you don’t have to limit yourself on how to use polls on twitter. It is a fun feature after all, and you can use it as often as possible to make your event be successful.