How Buying Free Followers May Limit Engagement.

The bottom line of joining any social media platform is to engage and interact with people on various issues. All this is possible if you got enough friends or followers in those platforms or nothing will take off. That is why most people are opting to buy free followers. That is a significant step to start the engagements as a newbie on the platform you have created an account. However, a concern comes when whatever content you are posting is getting little or no attention at all yet you got a huge number of followers. This a direct pointer that buying free followers don’t determine the engagement level in the social media.f1

This is hurting keeping the in mind the risks you put your account into and the massive amounts you paid for the same. That is why it is important to avoid this shortcut and build your friends and followers around a community of people that are genuinely interested in your niche, product or service only. This will keep the engagements going even if you have a small number of followers.

There is no need to spend a dime just to have free followers in your Instagram account. For a fact, if you wish to have huge following in this very renowned social media app, it is fundamental for you to carry out some basic procedures such as engaging other users, posting more frequently and ensure to provide only extraordinary and diverse content that would lure others.

In the same way, adding tags to your posts as well as linking your  other social media accounts to your Instagram can greatly aid captivate the attention of other users and encourage them to follow you.f2

Here are a few exhaustive tips for you to mull over if you wish to get more free followers in your Instagram account:

  • Make sure to add detailed data to your biography. Here, you can possibly customize your personal information through exploring the Edit Profile section. Only put the information that are relevant and useful.
  • Carefully decide on the theme of your content. Having no genera objective to your content will more likely distract or baffle your followers. It is easier to come up with your personal theme such as urban exploration, cooking, health and fitness, beauty or cooking or food trips.
  • It is imperative to listen to the feedback of users. Take in mind that after you have gathered a number of followers, some of them may come up with a few requests. That said, it is helpful to consolidate their suggestions into your content production. If you listen to their feedback, they will more likely decide to stay as your followers.
  • As always, it is beneficial to link your other social media accounts to your Instagram. It is worth mentioning that linking your current accounts can help circulate your content across other social media platforms in that it bolsters the amount of views your profile gets. To do this, go to the Linked Accounts section of the settings menu in Instagram.
  • Make it a habit to interact with other Instagram users. In point of fact, following other users like commenting or liking their post is a great approach to gain a number followers and this could certainly establish good relationships in the process.
  • See to it to create content that is founded on hot tags. Take into consideration that it is pivotal to curate some contents that blend well with those tags mainly because you cannot add made up tags to your content.
  • Needless to say, you’ve got to take care of your online presence. So, it is just right for you to post more often. Post at least once on a daily basis per week. This is to keep your followers engrossed. Post varied and dynamic contents preferably during hours when you feel and think that more users are online.
  • Be sure that you are well aware of hashtags. Keep in mind that tags can help make your content easy to search by people that are searching for those particular tags. Not to mention, tagging is an excellent means to expand your circle in the social media community.

What You Get From Automatic Likes

Automatic likes are a magic that gives you what you want automatically. For most people you do not have to worry whether what you have posted will have a positive feedback from followers and friends because automatic likes are there to help. This is one of the benefits you get from it. This allows you to exercise freedom of speech because a good feedback is almost guaranteed. It can be a way to get popularity as the real followers will like someone who speaks their mind and keeps it real on their posts.

Other than that, automatic likes serve to get you instant popularity. In most cases, the posts that will appear in a lot of peoples feeds first are those that have a lot of likes. This shows them that since many other people are interested they should be too. It is a good way to boost one’s position in newsfeeds. It also helps in getting more people to check out your profile since they will all want to know who this person that is trending is. You therefor get more views.

Why a company should not engage the automatic likes service in its business.


With the world’s population turning to the digital platform for search and purchase of products and service and there is the need for a company to establish and maintain a strong position on this platform. There are many services created that business that want to help a brand to stay top of their game on the digital platform. Automatic like is a function that generates robotic and artificial likes on any content that has been shared by an account user. Despite the advantages of having many likes on a post, there adverse impacts that will be experienced when an account user decides to employ its services. These disadvantages include:-

  1. Loose of the reputation of an account.

When one has engaged such a service there are immediate changes on the account activities; many likes will be noticed and be seen by other account users. If there are people who know your company, they will know right away that the likes achieved are all fake and have been generated. Once this knowledge gets out, the company reputation will be lost, and everything about it will be doubted. Such an activity will be spread among people and completely damage the reputation of an organization.

  1. Suspension and lose of an accountant

Most social sites discourage the employing of these services on their platforms. When an account has been discovered, it can risk its suspension or even closure. When this happens, the account will lose out on its online client’s requests and inquiries. The new clients will not be able to find a service provider when they search their services online because of its closure.

  1. No sales realized.

The generated likes are all artificial and not likes. However a good position and perception a company will enjoy on the digital platform, there are very little, or no sales realized from the employment of such a service. In comparison to likes by real account holders who will, in turn, be converted to clients or make referrals to a company.

  1. The account risks hacking.

There are many processes involved when engaging such a service which makes it vulnerable to hacking possibilities. Private account information is shared in the process, and most social sites warn their account users about the suspicious likes. If a service provider like facebook warns an account about such an idea, it must be a harmful one.

  1. Short-lived Likes

The service generates the robotic likes and which attracts other account users, but unfortunately, the likes are short lived because once the other users realized that the numerous likes on a post are fake. It’s a trick that will be exposed within no time and that not only leads to a company losing its reputation as mentioned above. Once the other likes stop, potential clients are lost, no referrals will be recommended resulting in reduced sales and drop in a company’s profits and targets.

Automatic likes services have appealing features and too good to be true promises, but one should approach these services with caution. The disadvantages associated with it can not be ignored if one wants to earn respect and a good reputation on the digital market.